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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  July 30, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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the big apple needs help! sharknado is about to take over your flat screen! this is "way too early." hey, everybody. good morning! i'm thomas roberts. it's wednesday, july 30th. welcome to "way too early." we're going to start out with the lead story today. we begin in the middle east health officials say a u.n. school packed with refugees was blasted this morning with shells from an israeli tank in gaza. at least 15 people were reportedly killed. 90 others injured. witnesses say the classrooms were blown to pieces as hundreds of palestinians took cover from the nearby fighting. so far there's no immediate comment in the israeli military. it follows a fierce day of air strikes in gaza which knocked out a key power station and
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sparked huge fires. many of the aerial attacks focussed on tunnels that have been developed and used by ho has. one of which is featured in a newly released video showing a militant ambush that killed five israeli soldiers. the fighters disappeared around ground after the assault. while many outside countries push for a cease-fire, neither side involved in the conflict appears egger to put down the weapons. there's talk of another attempt of negotiations in cairo. there's signs of disagreement also confusion within the differing elements in the palestinian leadership. the israeli ambassador to the u.s., who is joining us on morning joe, is pushing back against criticism in israel of secretary of state john kerry. it comes after senior officials in jerusalem were quoted as calling kerry's cease-fire proposal a, quote, strategic terrorist attack. andrea mitchell asked him. >> prime minister netanyahu said
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can you try to get a humanitarian cease-fire for the period of time? if it weren't for his commitment to it, obviously the president of the united states and i would not be trying to make this effort. either i take this commitment in face value, or someone is playing a different game here. i hope that's not the fact. >> now we move on to russia. the tough new round of sanctions that target everything from the energy industry to state-owned banks in russia. both the u.s. and the e.u. hit moscow with a new economic punishments over the ongoing support of the rebellion in eastern ukraine. the new sanctions included arms em bow go, limits on capital for state-owned banks, the oil industry, and restriction on the defense companies. and it seen as a serious move from the european countries. many of whom have close economic relationships with russia. the russian energy giant was largely left off the hook. and president obama was asked yesterday if the international
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pressure on the kremlin represents a throwback to the 1950s. >> is this a new cold war, ensure. >> no. it's not. it is a very specific issue related to russia's unwillingness to recognize the ukraine can chart its own path. >> while there is the possibility of further sanctions, to come a top administration official suggests that the international community may wait for awhile to let the impact set in. accusations are flying in washington over just who is pushing the talk of impeaching president obama. one thing is certain, democrats are profiting from it. majority leader harry reid took a georgia jab at the gop colleagues yesterday when announcing the new va reform bill. he said it's more important than suing or impeaching the president. >> it's good we're talking about this rather than impeachment of the president or suing the president. look at the papers today, the
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american people are totally -- >> not long after that house speaker john boehner insisted his caucus holds no such plans. >> the talk of impeachment is coming from the president's own staff and coming from democrats on capitol hill. why? because they're trying to rally their people to give money and show up in this year's election. we have no plans to impeach the president. we have no future plans. listen, it's all a scam started by democrats at the white house. >> a short time later white house press secretary josh earnest didn't sound like he was buying in of it. >> i suspect there may be members of the republican conference that didn't receive the memo. we've seen comments in recent months from congressman steve king from iowa, congressman ted from florida, the distinguished
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congressman steve stockman from texas. we've even seen michigan call this a dream come true. >> we're taking look at the headlines. the democratic congressional campaign committee raked in $2 million of fundraising with $1 million on monday alone. a recent cnn poll showed one-third of americans believe the president should be impeached. but 65% saying he should remain in office. the house speaker and senate majority leader are clashing over immigration after harry reid suggested using the gop's border plan as a jumping off point for comprehensive reform. house republicans are expected to vote on the slimmed down border funding bill as early as tomorrow if it passes democrats could attatry to attach the immigration overhaul. speaker boehner slammed the door calling it deceitful and cynical. turning now to the
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corruption trial former virginia governor bob mcdonald. opening statements have been read in the governor's legal team is revealing pretty unusual defense. if you remember in january, the mcdonalds were indicted on 14 counts of federal corruption after allegedly using the office of the governor to enrich themselves. they're accused of accepting $165,000 in gifts from this man, johnny william, the former ceo of a veteran company. it included a $15,000 catering bill and $1,000 dress that the mcdonald's daughter's wedding. they were given loans, expensive jewelry, they were invited on vacations and golf outing. it alleges the governor use his office to help william's business. according to the legal team for bob and maureen mcdonald, he and his wife have been struggling through a broken marriage and maureen, she had a crush on the wealthy businessman. also partly to blame.
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maureen's legal team claims that he was larger than life. calling him the favorite play mate. unlike other man in her life, johnny williams paid attention to her. bob mcdonald's lawyer said williams used the riff to poison the marriage and take advantage of maureen. the defense claims the governor himself will take the stand to read personal e-mails where he's begging his wife to help save their marriage. if convicted they could phase four decades in prison. clean up and repair efforts continue after a 93-year-old water main pipe bursts near the campus of ucla. it caused a 30-foot high gush of water, wide spread flooding. some spots reporting more than 8-inches of water. some 8 to 10 million gallons were lost. how much water 40 typical families use in a year. officials were not able to shut off the water for little over
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three hours. time for business news. stocks closed lower on tuesday. investors hold out for big economic data. the jobs report coming our way on friday. we have live in london to break down the wednesday for us. good morning, jeff. >> good morning to you. it's going to be a little cautious coming into the trading session. we have some good corporates. twitter even though they are still making a loss delivered better revenue numbers, better user numbers, and that was enough to put a match under their stock. up 30% by the time the dust settled. you have to keep your eye on the stories. we get the federal reserve meeting. we're looking to see if the language changes. are they going to tighten interest rates any time soon here? consumer confidence was good. that's a seven year high. americans apparently feeling better about the state of the economy at the moment. >> we're getting mixed news today from toyota. what are they telling us?
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>> yeah, it's an interesting one. the automakers, as we know, have been in the headlines a lot because of what gm has been doing with recalls. toyota still the world's largest selling auto maker in the latest numbers for the first half. volkswagen squeezing gm out the number two spot. it's a mixed bag. you say there's some pressure here for toyota to have a look at the camry hybrid and put out a general recall notice. at the moment, what they've said they will fix the brakes if you're worried. you bring them into the dealer, but there hasn't been a general recall and some organizations think it should happen at this stage. keep your eye on the auto stocks. >> will do. thank you, sir. now today is not just any other wednesday. do you know what wednesday it is, guys? >> sharknado! >> sharknado day! >> we know. this is because the sequel
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debuts tonight. sharknado ii, the second one, promises to be every bit as wild as the first. this time the storm is heading for the big apple. the first movie dominated social media racking up 5,000 tweets per minute. at this point, guess what? the star of sharknado the second one is going to be here for a preview. okay! this brings us to the twitter question of the morning map are some of the best sequels that have actually lived up to the hype around them? tweet us your most creative answers using the hashtag way too early. if you have any questions, you want me to ask steve sanders we have questions coming in. still ahead. people had a lot to say about the two-game suspension ended down to ravens runningback ray rice after the alleged domestic
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violence incident. it led to someone else getting bechblged? hillary clintons calls for the red skins to change the team name. does she have any ideas for a new mascot? those stories and a check on weather when "way too early" comes right back. james hoffa is missing. the exconvict reported him missing early today. his car was found outside a restaurant in michigan. not far from where the family lives.
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welcome back. time for sports and espn analyst stephen smith is being temporarily pulled from on-air duty after the commercial comments about domestic violence. a statement released yesterday
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reads stephen smith will not appear on first take or espn radio for the next week. he'll return to espn next wednesday. espn has been careful in not calling it a suspension. but it seems to be that. the absence of smith from the air waives comes four days after the comments on the ray rice domestic violence allegations which smith suggested that women play a role in provoking violence from men. smith apologized yesterday. the washington redskins face ongoing controversy regarding the team's name and logo being receive as a offensive. hillary clinton weighed in and when asked about it during an interview on fusion tv. her response was the name was insensitive. >> i think it's insensitive. i think there's no reason for it to continue as the name of a team in our nation 'capitol. i would love to see the owners think hard. >> any suggestions? >> no.
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i haven't thought a lot about that. >> to college sports. the ncaa will create a $70 million fund to test current and former athletes for brain injuries. players could then use the results as grounds for a lawsuit. the organization also agreed to implement a policy describing mandated treatment for players who suffer from brain injuries. let's switch gears to baseball. angels and orioles tied at 6 in the bottom. many! in the air, left field manny and walk off home run for the oriol orioles! >> hits the orioles a 7-6 win. they are the al east leaders! >> for now. >> organiioles! >> six innings missed fly ball. off the glove of the rangers. and look at this.
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clocks him in the head. so jp had a monster game for texas. batting in seven runs including four from this grand slam in the seventh inning. despite that, the yankees hang on to win it 12-11. >> jen, cut it. while the bombers are on the road, yankee stadium was being transformed into a soccer pitch. set to host a friendly between liver poll and manchester city. yesterday they played with local kids outside the stadium. >> yeah. jen started laughing and now i'm like a kid in church. i can't get it together. to los angeles with the help of a few of its biggest stars. the dodgers announced in a video message during the last night's game that the hall of fame broadcaster will be returning to the booth for the 66th time.
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after the video played fans gave skully a standing ovation. [ cheers and applause ] >> 66 years! >> i know. amazing. right. skully began broadcasting dodgers games in 1950. took over as the team's primary play-by-play man three years later. a living legend there. let's get a check on your weather. >> listening to the stories he tells during games is classic. >> he shows up and gets the job done. >> i would go to see him in person. fantastic. >> we get big crowds here. people love you. >> he's reading the paper while we're taufbting him. >> of course. >> let's talk about this fall chill, if you will, outside this morning. grab the light jacket in areas of the great lakes, new england. it's that cool.
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sweater weather. it is 60 degrees as far south as georgia this morning. i was looking at the temperatures. it's chilly. let me see the coldest spot in new england. there's a place in upstate new york, almost near plats burg. typically the coldest spot. it's 38 this morning. that's as cold as it gets for this time of year. that's ridiculously cold! >> almost a frost out there. let me show you things that happened yesterday out there. one of the problem areas we're talking about today. it started yesterday in colorado with the flooding. in is the denver area. we were afraid of flash flooding. maybe even life threatening flash flooding. we had damage, as you see there, a lot of vehicles. we didn't have any catastrophe in the mountains or canyons. as we go through the day today. the rain is shifting into kansas and oklahoma. this area has been hit hard by drought the last couple of years. it's a welcomed rain but you don't want four inches in one day. our computers are saying it's
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possible around oklahoma city. we'll watch out for the area for flooding. gorgeous fall-type weather, thomas. boston today 74 and sunny. >> amazing. >> it feels funny. when you're walking outside. >> it does. it feels like fall. i dig it. i'm liking it. >> no big warmup in sight either. appreciate it. coming up at the top of the hour. coming under criticism secretary of state john secure i are defends his efforts. we huddle around the water cooler. what has got this young lady so upset? the answer is going surprise you. that story and more coming up right after this. oh, poor thing. our "name your price" tool helps -- oh, jamie, you got a little something on the back of your shoe there. a price tag!
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it's a good thing we flooded our allies with sophisticated weapons, because they're going to need them to -- fend off all our other sophisticated weapons. the point is, by flooding the area with weaponry, we can keep things peaceful and hamas isolated. >> for tthe bulk of the financi comes from qatar. they gave $400 million to hamas. >> what! what the! we sold you $11 billion in arms! you better not be regifting. are you regifting?
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>> a lot to think about, it was john stewart talking about the avalanche of u.s. weapons overseas and how history has shown it comes back to haunt us. a new inspector general report shows we're facing the same situation in afghanistan. the u.s. provided afghanistan with 112,000 more weapons than needed including 83,000 ak 47s. let's switch gears. check in with lewis who has some of the best news out there. >> that's right, thomas. incredible video this morning. two women are lucky to be alive after they tremendospass on the indiana bridge. they found themselves 80-feet in the air and face a train. they are expected to face charges. one woman stubbed her toe. it's unbelievable. they are lucky. >> they only had 10 to 12 inches
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in between them and the train as they try to find the safe space. they got lucky. you know the old song growing up is old to do. >> saddy is upset that she and her baby brother might get older. take a look. >> i adopt want him to grow up! >> do you want him to stay little forever? >> yeah. he's so cute! >> he's so cute. he's making you cry. >> i don't want him to grow up. [ crying ] oh, you are so cute! i love your cute little smiles. oh, my gosh! i want him to stay little! >> oh! it gets me right here, thomas. right in my big ticker.
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>> how late did the parents keep the little girl up. she was overtired but that was too cute. too cute. >> that was very cute. thank you. >> sharknado, right? >> yes! >> sharknado. are you excited to see it? >> very. just like everybody else sharknado two airing. what are some of the best sequels that live up to the hype. we have some of the responses. >> it was great. a lot of our viewers feel the same way as arkansas man who said the only acceptable answer is the god father part ii. totally agree. and kellen said the same and empire strikes back and weekend at bernie. >> and ghost busters part ii. i'm worried about her editorial taste. next on "way too early" a look at stories we're talking about. and morning joe. ♪
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actions today. it becomes days after the senior white house advisers said the lawsuit could open the door to impea impeachment. a senators will unveil their plans to combat sexual assaults on campuses. this comes after 40% of colleges haven't investigated a case of sexual assault in the last five years. that's going to do it for "way too early." "morning joe" starts right now. striking back with vengeance at hamas, israel launches one of its most severe ever. >> a whole neighborhood reduced to rubble. >> gaza's only power plant burned today, targeted by israel. >> its destruction will leave 1.8 million people


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